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WOHO Handlebar Harness X-TOURING cybercamo

The WOHO Cybercamo X-TOURING Handlebar Harness is the bikepacking accessory that allows you to carry your stuff on your handlebars.

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Product description

The WOHO Cybercamo X-TOURING Handlebar Harness makes it easier to carry your belongings on your bike tours. The harness allows you to attach a bag directly to the harness, but you can also put a duvet or clothes on it. This accessory combines strength and lightness to ensure maximum comfort while cycling. It works with the WOHO straps, which allow you to attach, tighten and hold the harness and its luggage. This allows it to be adapted to different types of handlebars and allows you to carry different types of luggage.

Technical characteristics :

- Very light structure
- Weight: 180g
- Dimensions (L x W x H): 28.5cm x 26cm x 0.4cm
- Composition: Nylon 1000D