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Dirt Bikes

Dirt biking, the pinnacle of extreme mountain biking, pushes the limits with its series of jumps and acrobatics. Dirt biking puts the mechanical strength of bikes to the test, making it a crucial choice that we take to heart at NS Bikes. Our collection features the latest Dirt bikes, ready to take on the most daring challenges.

Dirt biking is an incredibly fun sport that involves hurtling down courses with bumps, jumps and sharp turns. Similar to BMX but with more robust bikes, it offers upward speed as you hurtle down the slopes and make imposing jumps. Whether in the dirt with banked turns and jumps or on flat pumptracks, Dirt bikes such as the Zircus, Metropolis, Movement and Clash from NS Bikes will take you on this adventure.

Dirt biking demands technical mastery and balance, but rewards with thrilling sensations for body and mind. For beginners, it's best to start out on routes suited to your level, gradually progressing to more complex challenges. Never forget to wear a helmet and protective gear to ensure your safety.

Dive into the world of dirt biking with NS Bikes. We encourage you to embrace this captivating discipline, filled with adrenaline rushes and thrills. Get ready for an unforgettable riding experience! Enjoy your ride!

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