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Gravel Bike

The Gravel bike, an elegant fusion of road bike performance, touring bike adventure and cyclo-cross daring, embodies sporting versatility. Designed to tackle a range of terrain, from asphalt to steep trails, this bike is ready for any challenge. Its frame geometry prioritises comfort, surpassing even that of road bikes designed for long, hard distances. The range of handlebars on offer, from traditional road handlebars to 'endurance' handlebars (with a flattened curvature), can be adjusted to suit the preferences of each rider.

Disc brakes are a feature of this bike, offering unrivalled grip with wide tyres of up to 40c. Even in muddy conditions, braking remains reliable. The Gravel bike's drivetrain offers a wide range of gears, making it possible to overcome a variety of terrain and master technical passages with ease. Unlike the Fixie, which is single-speed with a fixed rear wheel, the Gravel bike offers a more varied and adaptable experience.

Explore the latest Gravel models from NS Bikes on our website, We're proud to bring you options that combine performance and adventure, perfect for urban exploration or wilder adventures.

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