Wheelset NS BIKES Enigma Roll Oil Slick 26

Enigma Roll 26” version is a high-end dirt-jumping & street riding wheel set using single speed hub with 10t driver and front hub compatible with both 20mm (20x110) and 15mm axle (15x100 ). Now available also with a new version with Rotary Freecoaster hub.

VAT included

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Product description

Enigma Dynamal Roll 26 front wheel w/ Rotary 20/15* disc (820g)

Enigma Dynamal Roll 26 rear wheel w/ Rotary Single (990g)

DB 2.0-1.6-2.0 spokes

*conversion kit 20mm to 15mm (110x20 to 100x15) included to fit PIKE DJ or FOX 831