Protection EVS chest protector F2 White


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Product description

The new F2 is the best motocross stone-guard on the market thanks to the comfort and safety it brings!

Adapted to both motocross and enduro, it allows the wearer to be very well protected during his motorcycle rides, while enjoying an outstanding comfort.

The EVS F2 motocross stone guard is built to offer very good ventilation and its design adapts to the rider's morphology in particular thanks to the front pivot system that wraps around the rider's ribs and protects him from all impacts.

The rear part is designed to adapt to any type of motorcycle cervical protection and the shoulder closure system also helps in its installation.

Finally, the EVS F2 motocross and enduro stone guard benefits from the quick-locking system that allows it to be put on and taken off quickly and easily.


• Lightweight ventilated high impact polypropylene construction.
• Fully adjustable design, to comfortably fit a wide range of riders.
• Front pivoting system eliminates darting for a snug, comfortable fit.
• Wrap around body and rib coverage.
• Meets CE 14021 standards for roost deflection.
• Meets CE 1621-1 standards for back impact protection.
• Neck brace compatible design. Works with most leading neck braces.
• Elastic shoulder attachment loops for neck brace integration.
• Plush bio foam molded liner.
• Pivoting system eliminates darting for a snug, comfortable fit