Protection EVS knee brace SX01 Black


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Product description

The SX01 offers compression and support in a flexible frame that is adapted to shape and traction. Bilateral polycentric hinges provide strength, stability and limit hyperextension.

Airprene Construction: Designed as an orthopaedic support for athletes to aid in performance or rehabilitation.

Polycentric Hinge: Aerospace grade aluminum hinges have 2 center points to provide more precise knee movement, giving the rider a natural feel while riding.

Unique Hyperextension Lock: This hinge component is designed to prevent hyperextension, the most common knee injury in action sports.

Removable knee shells: To provide dual use in terms of performance and recovery.

Moisture-wicking organic foam lining: This anti-microbial lining provides soft support.

Dual Nylon Strap System: The SX01 uses a 2-point strap system to firmly attach the knee pad to your leg. Each strap is strategically placed and designed to work independently of each other.