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WOHO Water Filter Bottle FILTERBO

The WOHO FILTERBO Water Bottle saves space with its integrated water filter.

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Product description

The water filter in the WOHO FILTERBO Water Bottle is the essential accessory to have on you when you go hiking. With this water bottle, you no longer need to carry a filter with you or boil your water. The water is filtered by the electro-absorption technique and removes viruses and pollutants that may be present in the water.

Technical specifications:

- Capacity: 700 ml
- Filter life: 6 months or 350L
- Filtration by electro-absorption
- 100% recyclable
- Filter operating temperature: 5 to 60°C
- Adaptable to basic bottle holders
- Pressure closure

The water filtered during the first activation of the filter is not drinkable.
The filter may release some carbon when first used. It will disappear after draining some of the filtered water.
Do not fill the bottle with alcoholic beverages, carbonated water, or highly acidic/alkaline flirting liquids.
Do not put the bottle in a microwave or dishwasher.